Full moon in Sagittarius tarotscopes

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Air signs: chariot represents a productive time for them & plenty may be going on. Air signs are winning at life, receiving trophies & awards & overcoming obstacles. Some are traveling, backpacking & hiking. For Libra, this is occurring in the 3rd house of communication. For Gemini, this is occurring in the 7th house of partnerships. For Aquarius, it’s in the 11th house of friends.

Fire signs: strength represents how important their inner power is currently needed. Others may need a shoulder to lean on or it’s the fire signs reaching out for a strong companion. Some just need to calm down & a stop acting so rowdy. For Sag, this is occurring in the 1st house of self. For Aries, it’s the 9th house of higher beliefs. For Leo, it’s the 5th house of creativity.


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Earth signs: knight of wands represents a passionate, youthful time. They are very active and rarely sitting down. Some are really getting into physical activities like working out & jogging. For Taurus, this is occurring in the 8th house of other peoples resources. For Capricorn, it’s in the 12th house of solitude. For Virgo, it’s in the 4th house of home.

Water signs: three of cups represents social, celebratory events going on. They are having fun by going out to clubs & parties. Plenty of conversations are being had & they’re being surrounded by friends & fam. For Cancer, it’s occurring in the 6th house of work. For Pisces, it’s in the 10th house of career. For Scorpio, it’s in the 2nd house of personal income.  For only $5, you can purchase a detailed, personal reading from me on fiverr! (aceofkiki)

June 2017 tarotscopes: Career

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Air signs (Libra, Gemini, Aquarius) have the hermit card for career this month. This can represent solitude and soul searching to expand wisdom. Time alone will be beneficial for them & they are understanding a lot about the world. Answers & solutions to problems will make themselves known. Some are separating themselves from friends & family for a while. Even permanently. It’s time for a wake up call to usher in profound changes. Others are realizing how wise they truly are. They may be spreading wisdom. It’s possible to become a teacher or mentor to others now.

Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) have the six of pentacles for career this month. This can represent an evaluation on the give/take aspect around them. They may feel as it they are not receiving what they deserve. Text messages and phone calls may be getting ignored & people aren’t returning the effort. Earth signs may feel taken advantage of & walked on no matter what they do. This could be at a job where no one cares about how hard you are working. Others could be receiving money back or paying off debt. For those who work extremely hard, promotions could happen & you may receive the acknowledgement you’ve been waiting for.

Water signs (Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer) have the devil card for career this month. This represents negativity and being stuck in a circumstance. The water signs could be surrounded by negative influences & chaotic individuals. This could be stopping them from moving on & having a stable professional life. Plenty of them are identifying this negativity so that they can finally release themselves for good. Some are planning an exit strategy. It’s important to be smart and careful this month so that you don’t get overwhelmed.

Fire signs (Leo, Sagittarius, Aries) have the ace of cups for career this month. This can represent a vibrant new beginning for them & it’s emotionally fulfilling. This really may be inspiring the fire signs & giving them so much hope. Some are expecting love in their work place or a new love for what they do. Others are spreading love and positivity in their everyday life.


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June 2017 tarotscopes: Love

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Air signs (Libra, Gemini, Aquarius) have the six of wands for love this month. They are experiencing some type of victory & could be feeling proud. Some may be trying to catch someone’s eye & it could be difficult because there’s competition around. Many people may be fighting for air signs, too.

Earth signs (Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo) have temperance for love this month. Temperance represents balance and healing & they want to experience peace and stillness in their partnerships. Earth signs are focusing on creating more ways to build harmony, heal wounds & silence chaos.

Water signs (Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer) have the 9 of pentacles for love this month. This represents slowing down and enjoying a more simplistic way of being. Water signs are taking their time, laying back & appreciating what they have. They could be single and spending time alone.

Fire signs (Aries, Sagittarius, Leo) have the death card for love this month. This represents a transformative and deep time for them. Something is coming to an end and fire signs are leaving behind old ways. This can be how they interact with lovers & even what they fall for.

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June 2017 tarotscopes

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Air signs (Aquarius, Gemini, Libra) have the wheel of fortune for June ’17. This can represent a change of luck that is occurring. The wheels are turning and life is moving forward. It may be time to take control of their own destiny. If life hasn’t been going as planned, they are fixated on turning that around.
It’s not enough to wait for others to get the memo, some times you have to move on without them. You have to be the captain & steer your ship away from turbulent waters. Air signs will be removing themselves from stagnation.

Earth signs (Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn) have the king of pentacles for June ’17. This can represent big money, owning businesses & being in control. It appears they are working hard to come out on top & gain respect. Some are gaining authoritative positions through their career. This can be promotions and earth signs are hanging with the big dogs this month. This is the ultimate glow up & transition from the bottom to the top. They may have always dreamt of this change & how back then, they wished it were them. Now look at how successful they are.


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Water signs (Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer) have the queen of wands for June ’17. It’s going to be an exciting month for them filled with action. Many water signs are taking charge and heading forward in a new direction. This has go-getter written all over it. It seems as if they are standing up for themselves and refusing to be pushed around. You may catch them in arguments & saying more than usual. Water signs will possess a very ‘in your face’ type vibe. Their public image could appear risky & adventurous all of a sudden.

Fire signs (Sagittarius, Aries, Leo) have the six of the swords for June ’17. This can represent peace and tranquility this month for them. Life may have been rocky for a bit, but now it appears that circumstances are shifting. They are focused on creating a more harmonious atmosphere around them with no drama. Some are taking vacations, chilling on beaches & just minding their business. If environments have been chaotic and intense, it’s important to engage in activities that highlight relaxation. Others may be having a hard time letting go & moving on. For only $5, you can purchase a detailed, personal reading from me on fiverr! (aceofkiki)

6/1: Daily tarot: Three of pentacles


Three of pentacles is a card of team work. This can represent being involved with a group or community that allows you to grow & express yourself. Today highlights any way you can get the word out and contribute to the world when it comes to your truth. This can manifest as public speaking, drawing, creating music, taking photos, blogging, making YouTube videos, etc. It’s all about having a niche and finding others who share it with you. For only $5, you can purchase a detailed, personal reading from me on fiverr! (aceofkiki)

5/31: Daily tarot: Emperor

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Emperor represents authority and control when it pops up. Today is a great day for organizing and creating plans. This is a stern energy that you or others are channeling. Most likely there will be little patience for petty bullshit & drama. The emperor shuts all that down. It may be favorable to balance your masculine energy today. Ladies, you may need to take a look at the men around you. Fellas, you may need to check yourself.  For only $5, you can purchase a detailed, personal reading from me on fiverr! (aceofkiki)

5/29-6/5: Weekly tarot: Love

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 The devil card came out for love & relationships for the week. This can represent feeling stuck and chained to someone. It can feel impossible to walk away from a person you think is unhealthy. Perhaps you want to help them out a rut they’re in & so you choose to stay around. Now it’s making you miserable for no reason. This can be negative thoughts surrounding a partnership. Others can be insecure & not feel like enough for their lovers. Unhealthy patterns will be highlighted this week so take a good look at yourself. Are you projecting your fears onto another? Perhaps drinking & drugs are an issue. Break ups may occur. For only $5, you can purchase a detailed, personal reading from me on fiverr! (aceofkiki)