Weekly love tarotscopes: 3/22 -3/31

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For LOVE this week, earth signs (Virgo, Capricorn, Taurus) are experiencing changes in luck. They want something in their environment to progress & this could definitely be a relationship. A crush may want to take things to the next level. Earth signs could be getting asked out or proposed to. Or they may have their eye on someone special.

For LOVE this week, fire signs (Leo, Sag, Aries) may be focused on increasing their independence and enjoying the single life. 9 of pentacles represents having your own so perhaps this is what fire signs want out of a love relationship.
Some want to just enjoy each other’s company. Watching movies, going out to eat, shopping together, etc.

For LOVE this week, air signs (Aquarius, Gemini, Libra) are having fun & enjoying social events. There may be festivities going on around them. Babies may be born or pregnancy so celebrations are centered around that. Tons of playfulness. Air signs are becoming more playful with their love partners and laughing more. Something is causing excitement & delight. .

For LOVE this week, water signs (Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio) could be pretty damn angry or defensive. A love interest or loved ones are irritating the water signs & causing them to put their guard up. They could be finally standing up to someone or demanding more respect from potential lovers. I feel as if they are becoming more fierce and stubborn when it comes to bullshit. Maybe they have to fight off family members or people who don’t respect their boyfriend or girlfriend.


Weekly love tarot scope… 3/14 – 3/21

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The 9 of wands came up for the fire signs (Leo, Sag, Aries).  Off top, this means that fire signs are feeling defensive and on guard. Perhaps they have been feeling walked on and bullied. I pulled this card for Sag for the monthly tarotscope so I know they are feeling fed up. I would say be careful if you come across any fire signs because they are not afraid to fight back if they need to. I highly doubt anyone is going to get away with disrespecting them.

Empress card represents abundance and birth for the air signs (Aquarius, Libra, Gemini) this week.  Air signs will be feeling very taken care of and nurtured this week. The empress is the mother card so perhaps they are fixing relationships with family or the mother. I’m under the impression that new growth and opportunities are available and they will be feeling the love. The men may have met a new woman who takes care of their every need. The women are enjoying taking care of loved ones or embracing their femininity more.

The water signs (Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer) have the Two of Wands for love. Many are feeling as if they have accomplished a big obstacle. Two of wands represents coming into your own so perhaps it has been difficult to get to a place of stability. I get the impression that water signs feel proud and can finally see the way forward. A new journey or beginning has been hard to come across for the water signs. Many may feel as if there is no where to go but up and feel positive about their future.

Page of Swords came up for the earth signs (Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn) for the week.  The page of swords can represent a child or a childlike energy. A new mental state is emerging for the earth signs. I really do think that their way of communicating is shifting. If some have felt as if they had no voice, they do now. They may be speaking their minds more and not holding back. Earth signs have a message and a point to get across and it will be heard. Many of them are so laid back and shy but that could be changing.

Weekly tarot scopes… 3/14 – 3/21

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The wheel of fortune came up again for the fire signs (Leo, Sagittarius, Aries). This week circumstances may go up and down for them. Just a roller coaster of events and emotions. All is going great today, but tomorrow it can get crazy. Honestly, that is just life and you have to navigate through that in the best you can. Fire signs may end up in a completely different situation by the end of the week. Life may be going very quickly for the fire signs and their minds may be a little frazzled. An idea or project may suddenly become accelerated or they may become more popular.

Air signs (Aquarius, Gemini, Libra) have the two of pentacles for the week. Two of pentacles is a card of being occupied and busy. Some air signs may be off handling business and dealing with every day life. Others could be avoiding people or running away from certain responsibilities. Perhaps that is how someone perceives you. Air signs are off into their own world not worrying about what others are doing. People could think they are being ignored or disregarded.

With the nine of pentacles, earth signs (Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn) are off on their own feeling independent and self-sufficient. Earth signs may be feeling really lavish and feel as if they have everything they need to feel comfortable. I feel as if self-care could be really important this week. For the ladies, getting hair done, nails done, or putting on make up. For the men, dressing more neat, wearing cologne, etc. The single life is really appealing at this time and earth signs could be getting to know themselves more.

Page of cups is the card for the water signs (Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio). Page of cups can represent a new beginning in life. This can be in regards to love or even work. Perhaps water signs have found a new job that brings them emotional fulfillment. I feel as if a beautiful energy is manifesting itself in their lives that is bringing peace and embrace. Balance may have occurred where circumstances were chaotic or unsettling. Water signs may get to finally do something they have been wanting to do for a long time. The stability is available now.


Full moon in Virgo tarotscopes…

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Aries: Wheel of Fortune came out for the rams. This full moon is occurring in the 6th house. Aries may be experiencing some positive changes or luck in the work place. I get the impression that they want to move things forward and Aries are feeling very upbeat about keeping things going. No stagnation. New opportunities are presenting themselves in their day to day life & they prefer to keep this vibe high. “Just keep swimming.”

Taurus: Four of Swords is the card for Taurus so the bulls may be wanting to take a break where creative endeavors are concerned. 5th house is the house of having fun and I get that they may be turning down parties and social gatherings. Perhaps they have been working themselves to death with art projects or even overly concerned with romance.  Four of swords calls for a time to rest to rejuvenate yourself  from these activities.  Many bulls are just catching up on sleep in their leisure time.

Gemini: With the Death card, Gemini is experiencing a huge shift in their lives. Because the full moon is in the 4th house, this could have to do with how they relate to family members.  A new way of life is emerging. Gemini was in a dark tunnel and now they can see the light.  Life is looking more beautiful and vibrant. A heavy load is off of their chest.

Cancer: The Five of Pentacles represents lack and being left out in the cold.  Cancers are feeling sad and on their own. This energy may present itself in the 3rd house of communication. Maybe they don’t feel heard or important in their circle of friends and family. Cancers are very sensitive and love feeling safe and comfortable. Perhaps they need to find new friends or outlets to let out their feelings.

Leo: Leo’s have the Star card for this full moon. It’s occurring in their 2nd house of earned income and self worth. What a great card to have right now. I’m under the impression that Leos want to be more involved with humanitarian causes or the collective. I feel as if they want to help because they have a lot to offer the world. They want to sprinkle their own unique touch to whatever they are involved in.

Virgo: Virgins have the Queen of Wands affecting their 1st house of self. Queen of Wands is all about confidence and embracing your creativity. Virgos are being more vocal and bold about how they present themselves to the world. They are known to be hardworking and reliable so this is a trait they will be bringing more attention to. They are more aware that they bring so much to the table and they want more respect. Backing down is not an option.

Libra: Ace of Wands comes out for Libras. A new beginning could be impacting their 12th house of solitude and healing. New inspiration can be found in their dreams or while spending time alone. I get that Libras may have found something that really motivates them to start new projects or initiate healing. Libras are social people who enjoy partnerships so perhaps they are learning how to be by themselves more. A change is the works that they have not presented to the world just yet. Maybe they will keep it for themselves.

Scorpio: The scorpion’s are busy and trying to juggle many responsibilities in regards to their 11th house of friends. I got the Two of Pentacles for them. Maybe they are making new connections or involving themselves in more humanitarian activities. They may need more support from people and are working on creating a better support system. I’m under the impression that social networking may be very important at this time. I think they are tending to the collective more and just trying to relate to others.

Sagittarius: Party, party, party with the Three of Cups for Sag. Their career and social status is being affected with this full moon. They could be going out and celebrating a career change or an accomplishment with friends or coworkers. Perhaps they got a raise or became a manager of a company and now they are in charge. I get that they are enjoying good company and/or drinking. That’s not really out of character for Sag anyway.

Capricorn:  With the Tower card for Caps, they are experiencing a shift in their 9th house of higher learning. I get the impression that Capricorns are opening up and letting their guard down. They maybe expanding their horizons and doing things they usually wouldn’t do.  Caps could be exploring more beliefs and becoming more flexible. Others are having a shake up with how they see life. Something may not have been what they thought.  They may experience a situation that changes how they look at people or a circumstance they are in.

Aquarius: The Four of Wands shows up for the water bearers. The full moon is occurring in their 8th house of transformation and other people’s resources. Four of wands represents a happy home life and contentment. Aquarius may be receiving  some good news about money or praise because of a job well done. I’m under the impression that people are happy to see them and if they are returning home from a trip, they will be met with love and care. They will be well received and met with hugs & kisses.

Pisces: Seven of Cups is the card for the fishes. This full moon will be highlighting the 7th house of partnerships. With the seven of cups, it may be really hard to pinpoint exactly what is going on in a relationship they have. It could be hard to pin down an issue or problem. Perhaps someone you love is hard to figure out. Distractions may be the cause of it or the fishes are distracted with the idea of someone. Pisces may not be seeing someone or something clearly. A future with a partner may be blurred.

Full moon in Virgo: Collective energy


Reflection and solitude is highlighted this full moon. There are many changes happening and the best way to take advantage is to spend time gathering as much strength and wisdom as possible. Some may be separating themselves from the world for a while. Others are walking away from toxic and unfulfilled partnerships and  friendships. This journey is about you and your personal growth.

Weekly tarotscopes 3/7-3/14


This week, earth signs (Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn) are overcoming challenges and taking control. Something around them is making them feel victorious. They may be accomplishing goals, booking gigs, making more money, winning awards, etc. Or this is what they are working on!



Water signs (Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer) this week are focused on building an empire and getting that money.  Whatever makes water signs feel on top of the world is the highlight. This could be creating music, art or owning a business. Material abundance is flowing in many forms.



Fire signs (Leo, Sag, Aries) are occupied with changing their lives for the better. Circumstances may be taking a turn for the best. Stagnation may have kept them down for a while. Some may be going with the flow of life and just riding the wave. Luck may be on their side!



Air signs (Aqua, Libra, Gem) are invested in emotional pursuits this week with the king of cups. Perhaps they are in looove or trying to balance their love lives. King of cups cares a lot about people and relationships so air signs may want to be surrounded with friends & family.

March tarotscopes…

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The hermit came out for Aries for the beginning of March.  This represents a time of contemplation and deep reflection. A lot of time could be spent alone trying to figure out the next step. I get that they just want to be left alone to collect their thoughts and feelings. Perhaps there has been a lot of activity going on around them and now they want to chill. They could be looking be searching for something more. This may be anything from a new relationship or just information about a particular subject. Aries want to venture off into something unknown.

Two of Pentacles for Taurus represents activity going on for the Bulls this month. I think that many are going to be involved in a plethora of projects and work related situations. Their friends or co workers could be really needing help and Taurus won’t be letting anyone down. Creative endeavors are being built on and I feel as if they’re just letting themselves get lost in that. Everyday life will not be dull or without surprises.  Busy, busy, busy. Taurus may be in charge of businesses and so others are relying on input and opinions from them.

Sun represents Gemini this month. The twins are feeling fun, flirty and expressive. I get that Gems are all about positive energy. They could be really focusing on appearance and looking nice. Perhaps they want to date and so they are attracting new partners into their circle. I’m under the impression that they are feeling themselves. The focus is on increasing abundance and highlighting positive attributes. Working out, eating right, and feeding the soul may be options.

Cancers are looking for something more meaningful and interesting because Eight of Cups came up for them. A phase could be coming to a close. I get the impression that Cancers may feel as if they have completed something and now it’s time to move on. I don’t feel as if it makes them sad, I think they feel as if they did all they could. It’s time to find something else to invest in. Or they could be in search of something else to add to whatever they have been investing so much love and care into.

Knight of Wands came out for Leos so I know they feel fired up and excited. Knight of Wands is ready for any and everything that comes around and Leos want to be in charge. There could be a lot of restless and hectic vibes around Leos, but I don’t think it’s going to intimidate them. After all, they are the lions. The king and queens. This is the kind of energy they are used to having around them. Having courage and engaging in anything that is bold and daring is a complete turn on at this time.

A new way of thinking and communicating is emerging with Virgos. Page of Swords represents the beginning and the seed of ideas or solutions. Maybe there has been an old, outdated way that they have been carrying themselves and that’s been acknowledged. Out with the old, and in with the new for the virgins. I feel an upgrade with how they see the world and how they present themselves. It could be more fun and light hearted. Virgos can be so hard on themselves and people around them so I get the impression they are changing that.

Eight of Wands for Libras represents fast paced energy that is going on. Whatever happens at the beginning of March is going to happen so damn quick. No delays or no slowing down for Libras. Any thing business related could come up very quickly. Things could also leave quickly. Problems or conflicts may come and go. Something could be short lived. There may be several opinions and options to choose from. Many Libras may feel as if things are moving too fast. It may leave them mind boggled and confused. “How in the hell did that happen so fast?”

Balance is needed whenever Temperance comes up. Scorpios are trying to figure out the right balance when it comes to a situation in their lives. The temperance card is also about peace and stillness. Scorpios may be working on creating a more peaceful atmosphere around them or this is the type of environment they are currently in. I get the impression that they are just taking their time. Perhaps they are feeling a new environment out. This could be a new work environment or home. Any drama or sticky situation will immediately turn them off.

Sag’s are feeling pretty territorial and defensive with the Nine of Wands. I actually have been seeing this personally with them. They have been feeling really bullied and disrespected and it’s pissing them off. Many of them have their guard up because they feel extremely targeted. Sag’s are usually upbeat and positive so it’s difficult to steer them away from that but perhaps people are taking advantage of their kind behavior. I get the impression that their character or values are constantly being attacked. Some may be putting on a tough exterior so that others can’t see that they are in pain.

Seven of Pentacles for Caps so right away I can tell that expansion and growth is happening. Opportunities could be available and coming out of no where for them. I think that hard work is paying off and now they can enjoy the abundance that is currently around them. A new cycle may start for Caps because they work so hard anyway. I get that people could really want them around. Phone calls or emails may be coming in. Their popularity is increasing as others are seeing them for who they really are. I almost feel as if abundance and prizes are just being straight up handed to them.

Happiness and pleasure is at the forefront for Aquas b/c of the Nine of Cups. Aquarius is enjoying life and all that it has to offer them. They could be shopping and buying new jewelry and clothes. Anything that makes them feel fulfilled and looking their best. I feel like to others they really seem as if they are having the time of their lives. No worries or stress. Everything is taken care of. They may be drinking or celebrating because of how well things are turning out for them. Aquas may be the life of the party this month and indulging. Fun is all that is on their minds.

Two of Swords for Pisces indicates a bit of stagnation and indecisiveness for the fishes. They may be at odds with others in their environment or perhaps they have hit a roadblock. I get the impression that their lives may be really uncertain at the time. I feel as if which path to take or where to go is confusing them. This may have to do with a life path or a partnership. Maybe they have two paths or two partners to choose from? Lol.  Something they want to do may not be what others want them to do or their personality is clashing with partners or co workers. Something is definitely in the air for Pisces, and it’s going to take a little bit more time to pan out. Or perhaps they are being stubborn about finding a solution or someone else is.