Full moon in Virgo tarotscopes…

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Aries: Wheel of Fortune came out for the rams. This full moon is occurring in the 6th house. Aries may be experiencing some positive changes or luck in the work place. I get the impression that they want to move things forward and Aries are feeling very upbeat about keeping things going. No stagnation. New opportunities are presenting themselves in their day to day life & they prefer to keep this vibe high. “Just keep swimming.”

Taurus: Four of Swords is the card for Taurus so the bulls may be wanting to take a break where creative endeavors are concerned. 5th house is the house of having fun and I get that they may be turning down parties and social gatherings. Perhaps they have been working themselves to death with art projects or even overly concerned with romance.  Four of swords calls for a time to rest to rejuvenate yourself  from these activities.  Many bulls are just catching up on sleep in their leisure time.

Gemini: With the Death card, Gemini is experiencing a huge shift in their lives. Because the full moon is in the 4th house, this could have to do with how they relate to family members.  A new way of life is emerging. Gemini was in a dark tunnel and now they can see the light.  Life is looking more beautiful and vibrant. A heavy load is off of their chest.

Cancer: The Five of Pentacles represents lack and being left out in the cold.  Cancers are feeling sad and on their own. This energy may present itself in the 3rd house of communication. Maybe they don’t feel heard or important in their circle of friends and family. Cancers are very sensitive and love feeling safe and comfortable. Perhaps they need to find new friends or outlets to let out their feelings.

Leo: Leo’s have the Star card for this full moon. It’s occurring in their 2nd house of earned income and self worth. What a great card to have right now. I’m under the impression that Leos want to be more involved with humanitarian causes or the collective. I feel as if they want to help because they have a lot to offer the world. They want to sprinkle their own unique touch to whatever they are involved in.

Virgo: Virgins have the Queen of Wands affecting their 1st house of self. Queen of Wands is all about confidence and embracing your creativity. Virgos are being more vocal and bold about how they present themselves to the world. They are known to be hardworking and reliable so this is a trait they will be bringing more attention to. They are more aware that they bring so much to the table and they want more respect. Backing down is not an option.

Libra: Ace of Wands comes out for Libras. A new beginning could be impacting their 12th house of solitude and healing. New inspiration can be found in their dreams or while spending time alone. I get that Libras may have found something that really motivates them to start new projects or initiate healing. Libras are social people who enjoy partnerships so perhaps they are learning how to be by themselves more. A change is the works that they have not presented to the world just yet. Maybe they will keep it for themselves.

Scorpio: The scorpion’s are busy and trying to juggle many responsibilities in regards to their 11th house of friends. I got the Two of Pentacles for them. Maybe they are making new connections or involving themselves in more humanitarian activities. They may need more support from people and are working on creating a better support system. I’m under the impression that social networking may be very important at this time. I think they are tending to the collective more and just trying to relate to others.

Sagittarius: Party, party, party with the Three of Cups for Sag. Their career and social status is being affected with this full moon. They could be going out and celebrating a career change or an accomplishment with friends or coworkers. Perhaps they got a raise or became a manager of a company and now they are in charge. I get that they are enjoying good company and/or drinking. That’s not really out of character for Sag anyway.

Capricorn:  With the Tower card for Caps, they are experiencing a shift in their 9th house of higher learning. I get the impression that Capricorns are opening up and letting their guard down. They maybe expanding their horizons and doing things they usually wouldn’t do.  Caps could be exploring more beliefs and becoming more flexible. Others are having a shake up with how they see life. Something may not have been what they thought.  They may experience a situation that changes how they look at people or a circumstance they are in.

Aquarius: The Four of Wands shows up for the water bearers. The full moon is occurring in their 8th house of transformation and other people’s resources. Four of wands represents a happy home life and contentment. Aquarius may be receiving  some good news about money or praise because of a job well done. I’m under the impression that people are happy to see them and if they are returning home from a trip, they will be met with love and care. They will be well received and met with hugs & kisses.

Pisces: Seven of Cups is the card for the fishes. This full moon will be highlighting the 7th house of partnerships. With the seven of cups, it may be really hard to pinpoint exactly what is going on in a relationship they have. It could be hard to pin down an issue or problem. Perhaps someone you love is hard to figure out. Distractions may be the cause of it or the fishes are distracted with the idea of someone. Pisces may not be seeing someone or something clearly. A future with a partner may be blurred.


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