April 2017 tarotscopes

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photo 1

 Air signs: Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) may be dealing with a legal problem in regards to money. I feel as if they are severing ties and cutting losses this month. There is nothing subtle about the justice card & this represents endings that are final. This could be a contract or job that air signs are leaving and will not be returning so you can forget about it. If air signs have been dealing with any disrespect, they have had their patience wore out. They could be putting final touches on a situation that they’ve been working on for a bit. The moon came up for the air signs for career & life path this month. Air signs are connecting with their intuition to navigate through problems or uncertainty. The path ahead may be hard to decipher so if they aren’t going within, they should be. Lies and deceit are around and it’s best that they keep an eye for it. Someone may not be telling all the details. I feel as if air signs are withdrawing and need to protect themselves. Going with the flow until the dust settles is an option. Perhaps they are heading in a new direction that people don’t understand.

photo 3

Water signs:  Water signs (Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces) are experiencing a new beginning in life. This may be a way of handling money that is bringing some type of relief. I do feel as if new knowledge or truth has made its way to the water signs. Ideas on how to create abundance is happening or a new work opportunity has presented itself. This has saved some water signs from a chaotic period.  Next, the lovers came up for career & life path. This represents an intimate time for the water signs as they may find themselves coming together with someone. I feel like they are working to create a beautiful atmosphere. A love nest or sanctuary of some kind. A safe haven. A sacred place that keeps negativity away. Somewhere they can call home. Perhaps a career is providing the money for this home. A soul mate could be coming in. They could have met this person through business. 


photo 4

Earth signs:  Earth signs (Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn) are getting their finances in order this month. There is some compromising that needs to happen. They are re evaluating what is being invested into & this could have to do with a partner. Perhaps property has to be split. Earth signs could be delegating responsibilities. “You do this, you do that & I’ll focus on this part.” In a marriage or partnership, balance is being restored so that harmony can exist. In regards to career and life path, four of wands came up for the earth signs. Four of wands is also a card of balance in one’s life. This represents an abundant time for them. An important achievement has occurred or that is in the works. I’m under the impression it took so much time to happen & it’s finally here. Congratulations yall. 😊 .

photo 2

 Fire signs (Leo, Sag, Aries) are focused on healing in some way or form with the 3 of swords in April. Forgiveness may be a theme going on for a while. This is Venus retrograde so reconciliations are happening. Someone is around that you need to forgive and embrace more. A breakup could have occurred that left a person hurt & they want to make up. Apologizes are going around to mend broken hearts. Perhaps this is someone you work with & had some type of business partnership with. Some are bringing healing through an occupation. Spreading love and understanding on a public stage. I’m under the impression that others need to come together during this time. Let bygones be bygones.


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