Full moon in Libra tarotscopes…

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Water signs-

Scorpio: For scorpions, the full moon in libra is highlighting their 12th house of solitude & secrets. With the star card, the focus is on scorpios having their talents and unique attributes recognized. This can come through spending time alone so that they can heal & recuperate. Scorpios may be finding hidden talents and gifts about themselves. New ideas to help others could come through dreams.

Pisces: Pisces has the death card highlighting their 8th house of other peoples resources & transformation. This can represent an intense time of cleansing and releasing for the fishes. This could be a person or attachment that isn’t healthy. A huge weight may be lifted off of their shoulders. Pisces may be cutting off addictions or losing weight. Making healthier choices is an option. .

Cancer: Cancers have the temperance card highlighting their 4th house for this full moon in libra. The crabs want to embrace more peaceful and harmonious relationships within the home environment. And with that, if something isn’t bringing them happiness they will not be dealing with it anymore. Cancers could be throwing out old stuff. .

Air signs-

Libra: Libras have the queen of swords highlighting their 1st house of self for this full moon. They may be distancing themselves from a situation or analyzing an issue with this highly objective energy. A sharp way of handling life may come about. Libras may have received new information and insight about themselves or others & are communicating this.

Aquarius: Aquarius has the knight of cups highlighting their 9th house of higher beliefs for this full moon in libra. The water bearers could be asking someone out or getting asked out. This could be a proposal or someone just suddenly telling you how they feel. It could come out kind of rushed. A person wants to be very romantic with them & I’m getting roses and chocolate. Wine & dine. ๐Ÿ™‚ This person may have been holding back before.

Gemini: Gemini has the 3 of Pentacles highlighting their 5th house of creativity & fun. The twins have their minds on working together and being a team player for this full moon in libra. There could be new collaborations going on & Gemini may be learning more about others. Many projects are in the works & its giving Gemini a chance to be apart of new groups. An expansion of new friends and acquaintances are available so that they can express themselves more.

Earth signs-

Virgo: Virgos have the king of cups highlighting their 2nd house of income for this full moon in libra. This can represent the virgins getting in touch with a more compassionate side. King of cups is open minded and tolerant. This full moon could bring a person like that into their lives. Or perhaps they need people to be more nicer to them. This person could help them with money & help boost self esteem.

Taurus: Taurus has the world card highlighting their 6th house of work & employment for this full moon in libra. A situation may be coming full circle for the bulls. A health issue could be resolved & improved through this full moon. I’m under the impression that taurus is shutting people out. This may be to reduce stress & protect themselves.

Capricorn: Capricorn has the page of pentacles highlighting their 10th house of career and professional life for this full moon in libra. New work opportunities could present themselves & this may be through new friends or partners. Doors are opening for Capricorn to showcase themselves better on a public platform. The goats may have several things they wish to say.

Fire signs-

Sagittarius: Sag has the knight of swords highlighting their 11th house of friends for this full moon in libra. Knight of swords is fast communication and aggressive people coming into the picture. There may be arguments or attitudes going on for you guys. Perhaps you need to bite back.

Leo: Knight of wands comes up for Leo for this full moon in libra. It’s highlighting their 3rd house of communication. Leos are really excited and passionate and could be expressing this through talking or writing. They could be getting ready to release some good news to others & it could come out kinda crazy. I get that they have a big way they want to announce something. This could be coming out or declaring love for someone.

Aries: Wheel of fortune came up for Aries for their 7th house of partnerships with this full moon in Libra. Aries may be experiencing a stuck energy when it comes to people but they are going to keep it pushing regardless. I’m under the impression they are refusing to be stagnant or negative. If someone is refusing to progress, they are going to move past them.




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