Mercury retrograde tarotscopes….

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(April 9 to May 3 2017)

Aries: Tower. The tower represents destruction and ideals being stripped away so a new beginning can occur. Something is being torn down. This change is happening in their 2nd house of income and money.

Taurus: 10 of cups. 10 of cups represents ultimate contentment and emotional happiness. Taurus is focused on having more balanced and loving experiences in their lives. This fulfillment will manifest itself through their 1st house of self. .

Gemini: 2 of wands. 2 of wands represents coming into your own. Gemini wants to be able to stand strong and proud. This new emergence is happening in their 12th house of solitude and secrets.

Cancer: World. The world card represents a completion so cancers are focused on wrapping a problem up and being done with it and this is happening through their 11th house of friends.

Leo: 8 of Pentacles. The 8 of pentacles represents being studious and diligent. The lions are working hard to perfect a project that is occurring in their 10th house of career and public image.

Virgo: 6 of wands. The 6 of wands represents victory and success. Virgos are focused on winning, accolades, and accomplishing goals in their 9th house of philosophy & higher learning.

Libra: Sun. The sun represents expression and confidence & libra is focused on ways to express their individuality more to reach higher exposure. With this being in their 8th house, this will manifest through other peoples resources or intimacy. .

Scorpio: 9 of swords. The 9 of swords represents anxiety & negative thinking. Scorpios are focused on clearing out any stress & problems so that they can rest. This is going to manifest through the 7th house of partnership.

Sagittarius: Knight of pentacles. The knight of pentacles represents a strong and steady energy. Sag is focused on being more reliable and letting actions speak louder through their 6th house of day to day life & employment.

Capricorn: 3 of pentacles. The 3 of pentacles represents team efforts & collaborations. Capricorn wants to be apart of a new community or club and this will manifest through their 5th house of creative endeavors and romance.

Aquarius: Moon. The moon card represents intuitive and feminine energy. Aquarius is going deep within themselves and getting in touch with emotions and this is manifesting through their 4th house of home and family.

Pisces: Page of pentacles. The page of pentacles represents a new beginning in financial or earthly matters. Pisces is looking to start a new business venture or life path through their 3rd house of communication & lower mind.


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