5/10: Full moon in Scorpio tarotscopes

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photo 3

Earth signs (Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn) have the queen of pentacles & the queen of swords for this full moon in Scorpio. It seems as if the earth signs are focused on material success. With the queen of swords, their mental capabilities are being put to the test in order to build this financial security & safety net. There are plenty of meetings, interviews and networking going on. With both of these queens, feminine energy could be pretty dominant. You may be dealing with some powerful women here. Queen of pentacles represents an empire being built and being in control of that. You can expect sharp, intellectual individuals to be running it. There will be no nonsense associated with this company or brand.  Virgo will experience this in their 3rd house of communication. Taurus in their 7th house of partnerships. Capricorn in their 11th house of friends.

photo 1

Air signs (Libra, Gemini, Aquarius) have the queen of cups & the two of swords for this full moon in Scorpio. The queen of cups represents a highly emotional, nurturing individual. This person tends to wear their heart on their sleeve and has compassionate spirit. With the two of swords, this can represent a stagnant energy this person may be giving off. Air signs could be feeling blocked from their emotions and so this full moon will cause them to dig deep. Something has been keeping them from expressing themselves and expressing love. This may have been rude, unsupportive friends, family or lovers. Past hurts and rejection has caused more damage than they have led on. Now the wall will come falling down and healing can occur. New energy can finally come in & lift them higher.  Libra will experience this change in their 2nd house of income. Gemini in their 6th house of work. Aquarius in their 10th house of career.

photo 2

Fire signs (Sagittarius, Aries, Leo) have the ace of pentacles & the knight of cups for this full moon in Scorpio. Ace of pentacles represents a beginning in the physical world. This can be a new money  or a job that has been offered to them.  This offer may have come from this knight of cups who is rushing forward.  Knight of cups represents a sensitive energy that someone is channeling for this full moon. Whenever it comes up, this is an individual who wants to be your prince charming and sweep you off of your feet. He is a hero and he wants your heart! An artist or poet may be creating and putting out work at this time. Whatever art they are offering the world will touch the hearts of many & bring out deep emotions. Sagittarius will experience this in their 12th house of secrets. Aries in their 8th house of other people’s resources. Leo in their 4th house of home & family.

photo 4

Water signs (Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio) have the seven of wands & the four of wands for this full moon in Scorpio. Seven of wands represents assertion and action & you can expect water signs to be exercising their power. They are chasing goals and making their voice heard. This could be within the home because of the four of wands.  Their minds may be centered around creating a happy, stable home life. Four of wands represents celebration & completion so water signs could have accomplished something big. They may be going out to enjoy festivities with good friends & good food. There may be parties going on and attending clubs.  They may be receiving the green light on a project or idea they wish to pursue. Perhaps they have been working hard to make a relationship work & they see the results. Cancer will experience this in their 5th house of creativity & romance. Pisces in their 9th house of higher education and travel. Scorpio in their 1st house of self.


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