May mid-month tarotscopes


photo 2

Aries: Ten of wands is a card of stress and burden. This can represent having tons on your plate and no one to help you. The rams are experiencing overwhelming responsibility & it is difficult to move forward. They may need to reach out for help and assistance. I know Aries are independent but not everyone can do everything on their own. Make sure to build a healthy support system for yourself. That’s what good friends & fam are for.

Taurus: Four of cups is a card of discontentment and boredom. This can represent wishing and hoping for something more fulfilling out of life. Many want to be in loving relationships & wish they were being appreciated more. A sense of loneliness and isolation could be occurring for the bulls. It’s important to remember that what you want may already be there. Perhaps you’re just not willing to look hard enough.

Gemini: Empress is a card of fertility and abundance. This can represent being full of ideas and inspiration. The twins feels as if they have plenty to offer and want to express this beauty that is within them. They may find themselves searching for outlets. Gemini’s are natural communicators & are incredibly intelligent. Many are gathering inspiration from people and places. Although they possess creativity and spark, they could be feeling held back.

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Cancer: Three of swords is a card of heartbreak and sadness. This can represent a sensitive time for the crabs. People around them could be causing headaches and pain. They may feel as if no one cares about them or their feelings. Cancer’s have nurturing hearts & sometimes this can cause people to take advantage of them. It’s important to stand up for yourself and assert boundaries asap. Or find a better friend/support system. Being walked over has never been cool.

Leo: Hierophant is a card of wisdom and structure. This card can represent some learning and/or teaching going on in their lives right now. The lions may be going back to school to gain more knowledge or getting ready to go off on their own. Some are seeking out teachers to lean on as they grow. With the hierophant, they may be creating guidelines and rules for those around them. Leo’s want stability & maturity. Some are graduating and have passed an important chapter.
Boss things.

Virgo: Five of swords is a card of conflict and defeat. This can represent arguments and opinionated individuals. Usually when this card appears, it’s time to move on. A particular problem cannot be fixed and no one can win. Virgo’s may be going back and forth with others and it’s no use anymore. Some are completely fed up and tired of being abused & are walking away. To hell with it all. It’s not worth the stress.


photo 4

Libra: Five of wands is a card of competition and defensiveness. This can represent fighting off people and hectic environments. This being one of the most peace loving, harmonious signs, this energy can be scary for them to deal with. Libra’s may be feeling as if they are the butt of the joke. As if they are everyone’s punching bag. Asserting themselves during this time is needed. Making your voice heard can shift another’s viewpoint. Say no.

Scorpio: Three of wands is a card of long term goals & ships arriving. This can represent the need to plan and organize arrangements. It seems as if Scorpio is in charge of something & needs to brainstorm ideas. Work may be coming in and they need to get a handle on it. Many feel bewildered by everything showing up at once. Three of wands can manifest as drawing up business plans & contracts. Keeping notes in a journal or planner can be extremely helpful.

Sagittarius: Four of pentacles is a card of stability & grounding. This can represent a time where sag is either seeking foundations or giving them up. I’m under the impression that life may be changing for them. They may notice how they are being asked to sacrifice what used to secure them. Many are feeling uprooted as if they have to compromise values and beliefs. Some are offering security to others by being a shoulder to lean on.


photo 1

Capricorn: Eight of swords is a card of entrapment. This can represent being stuck and unaware of how to escape. Caps may feel trapped within their own minds as they are trying to figure out how to solve a problem. There could drama surrounding their lives & it may involve several individuals. Other people are causing these issues so it may be time to cut ties & look elsewhere. This drama could be a wake up call to be more careful of company & people you call ‘friends.’

Aquarius: Eight of cups is a card of walking away. This can represent a search for something more meaningful. The water bearers are abandoning something they invested a lot of time and energy into. They may be experiencing break ups or leaving jobs. I think it’s long overdue and it’s something they have thought long and hard about. They want more authentic relationships & life paths. Some could be moving & leaving home. Others are just traveling & trying to find themselves.

Pisces: Knight of swords is a card of direct communication and movement. This can represent a focused & busy time for the fishes. I don’t think they will be wasting time playing. They have an agenda and it needs to get done. Some will definitely be making their opinions heard and you can expect it to be sharp. People around them may get their feelings hurt or feel they are being too abrasive. Pisces may feel as if life is moving too fast for them to keep up. If changes have to be made, they will be made quickly. It’s important to be decisive during this time. ย For only $5, you can purchase a detailed, personal reading from me on fiverr! (aceofkiki)


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