Full moon in Sagittarius tarotscopes

photo 1

Air signs: chariot represents a productive time for them & plenty may be going on. Air signs are winning at life, receiving trophies & awards & overcoming obstacles. Some are traveling, backpacking & hiking. For Libra, this is occurring in the 3rd house of communication. For Gemini, this is occurring in the 7th house of partnerships. For Aquarius, it’s in the 11th house of friends.

Fire signs: strength represents how important their inner power is currently needed. Others may need a shoulder to lean on or it’s the fire signs reaching out for a strong companion. Some just need to calm down & a stop acting so rowdy. For Sag, this is occurring in the 1st house of self. For Aries, it’s the 9th house of higher beliefs. For Leo, it’s the 5th house of creativity.


photo 2

Earth signs: knight of wands represents a passionate, youthful time. They are very active and rarely sitting down. Some are really getting into physical activities like working out & jogging. For Taurus, this is occurring in the 8th house of other peoples resources. For Capricorn, it’s in the 12th house of solitude. For Virgo, it’s in the 4th house of home.

Water signs: three of cups represents social, celebratory events going on. They are having fun by going out to clubs & parties. Plenty of conversations are being had & they’re being surrounded by friends & fam. For Cancer, it’s occurring in the 6th house of work. For Pisces, it’s in the 10th house of career. For Scorpio, it’s in the 2nd house of personal income.  For only $5, you can purchase a detailed, personal reading from me on fiverr! (aceofkiki)


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