New moon in Cancer tarotscopes

photo 1

Water signs: Hanged man represents a pause for the water signs. They may need time to rest or contemplate the next move. Others could be waiting for a response in order to progress in life & make headway. Some could be praying & practicing faith. For Cancer, it’s in the 1st house of self. For Scorpio, it’s in the 9th house of higher beliefs. For Pisces, it’s in the 5th house of creativity.

Earth signs: Queen of swords represents a highly opinionated individual & sharp, objective observations being made. Arguments are happening and feelings could be getting hurt regarding this analytical person. For Taurus, it’s in the 3rd house of communication. For Capricorn, it’s in the 7th house of partnerships. For Virgo, it’s in the 11th house of friends.




photo 2

Fire signs: King of swords represents a no bullshit, intellectual energy that fire signs are channeling. Many are charging ahead & refusing to be distracted by naysayers. They know the truth & no one can steer them from achieving goals. For Sag, it’s in the 8th house of other peoples resources. For Leo, it’s in the 12th house of solitude. For Aries, it’s in the 4th house of home.

Air signs: World card represents completion and endings. A circumstance is coming full circle & there may be a better understanding of problems and conflict. Some are shutting out negative influences & focusing on the positive from now on. For Gemini, it’s in the 2nd house of personal income. For Libra, it’s in the 10th house of career. For Aquarius, it’s in the 6th house of daily routines.  For only $5, you can purchase a detailed, personal reading from me on fiverr! (aceofkiki)


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