Full moon in Capricorn tarotscopes…

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Air signs: 3 of swords represents heartbreak and healing. They may be taking time to review past pains in order to release them. This full moon highlights something currently causing hurt in their lives. Forgiveness may be needed right now. For Aquarius, it’s in their 12th house of solitude. For Libra, it’s in their 4th house of home. For Gemini, it’s in their 8th house of other peoples resources.

Fire signs: 4 of wands represents completion and stability. They may be experiencing a harmonious life or working on how to bring this into fruition. A better understanding of a circumstance may occur. This understanding brings happy times & celebration. For Aries, it’s in their 10th house of career. For Sagittarius, it’s in their 2nd house of income. For Leo, it’s in their 6th house of daily routines.


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Earth signs: 7 of pentacles represents growth and progression. They may be reaping the benefits of hard work. Some are checking up on projects in order to take the next step. This could be finances that need to be accumulated for a trip or important purchase. For Capricorn, it’s in their 1st house of self. For Taurus, it’s in their 9th house of higher beliefs. For Virgo, it’s in their 5th house of creativity and fun. .

Water signs: 4 of cups represents boredom and moping. They may be missing someone or something in their lives. Some feel a lack in their environments they wish to have more of. Daydreaming and remaining unproductive may be highlighted. For Pisces, it’s in their 11th house of friends. For Cancer, it’s in their 7th house of partnerships. For Scorpio, it’s in their 3rd house of communication. ย For only $5, you can purchase a detailed, personal reading from me on fiverr!ย (aceofkiki)


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