July tarotscopes: Love

photo 1

Earth signs: 7 of swords represents defeat. They may be experiencing some negative behavior from partners. There may be lying or miscommunication. Others are just confused at where they stand with a lover. It’s important for earth signs to be aware.

Air signs: Ace of swords represents a new beginning in communication. They may be experiencing some new information with lovers. Something that could change how they view others. Air signs could be speaking out more and being heard.

photo 2

Water signs: 9 of wands represents defensiveness. They may be really protective as people could be overstepping boundaries and bullying. It would be useful to develop tactics or strategies to handle conflict in a way that works for them.

Fire signs: Justice represents finality and fairness in a situation. They may be going through an ending or settling debts in a relationship. This month, balance is highlighted as hectic circumstances may be an issue. Fire signs will need to stand up for what is right.ย For only $5, you can purchase a detailed, personal reading from me on fiverr!ย (aceofkiki)


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