New moon Solar eclipse in Leo tarotscopes

Air signs: Emperor card. Bossing up. Control. Authority. Structure. Ending chaos in ones life. Establishing rules and order. Masculine energy. Tough love. Rigid & cold.

Fire signs: Star card. Being a humanitarian. Popular. Famous. Special. Standing out. Helping others.  Feeling inspired. Having hope. Being an idealist. Dreams & goals.

Water signs: Hierophant. Re-evaluating belief systems.  Organizations. Clubs. Wisdom. Lessons. Teaching/learning. Schooling. Morals. Ethics. .

Earth signs: Knight of cups. Offer of love and emotional support. Romantic. Artistic. Proposal. Innocence. Sensitive & emotional. Wearing your heart on your sleeve.

August mid month tarotscopes

Water signs: Sun card. Expression & embracing individuality. Positivity and child like attitudes. Fun & joy. Radiance. Confidence. Becoming more aware & enlightened about a circumstance.

Earth signs: Death card. Dark period in life.  Transformation. Endings. Deep cleansing. Starting over. Rebirth.  Transition from one circumstance to another.

Air signs: 2 of wands. Arrival. Entering a new period in life. New partnerships & alliances. New challenges. Having your own.  Embracing your power & strength.

Fire signs: 10 of pentacles. Huge abundance in regards to family or money/material things. Close relationships & bonding.  Gatherings. Happiness. Inheritance. Having it all.

August tarotscopes: Love

Air signs: (10 of pentacles) Large abundance & fulfillment. Groups of people. Friends & family. A lover met through big business. Lovers expanding work opportunities. Combining resources with a partner. Quality time & bonding.

Fire signs: (7 of Pentacles) Growing together. Marking progress. Reflecting on time spent or resources earned. Taking a break. Chilling out. Reaping rewards of hard work. Contemplating change.

Water signs: (Lovers) Making it official. Being intimate. Creating beauty & harmony. Examining values & beliefs. Making choices & decisions. Common ground. Dating around.

Earth signs: (3 of pentacles) Team work. Planning dates. Organizing. Being creative together. Networking. Building & structuring. Grounding the relationship. Meeting love interest at work. Bonding through work & business.


Sagittarius Moon, Goddess Diana Astrology

Sagittarius Moon, Goddess Diana Astrology

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Sagittarius Moon, Tara Greene

We are off to an optimistic start with the Moon in Sagittarius until the 3rd. The Moon in Sagittarius will boost everyone’s spirit, so get happy, think big, be vast.

Truth telling learning inspiring traveling and being easy to get along with are all Sagittarius traits. The 9th sign is ruled by the Big winded planet JUPITER aka  Zeus in Greek mythology/ JOVE in Roman and the root of the word jovial meaning good-humored. Sag. is the most mature of the three Fire signs and the root of the word SAGE.


Diana, Goddess Astrology Tara Greene

To the Greeks, she was Artemis, the Goddess of the hunt. Diana is an Asteroid as well #73. There is also an Asteroid Artemis #105. Their myths are intermingled and show similar aspects. You can look up where either Diana or Artemis is in your natal chart…

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**Current divine lovers energetic update**

**Current divine lovers energetic update**

With the tower representing the feminines energies, everything that she has built around her that is NOT stable is crumbling & will continue to do so. However, at this time she has noticed quite the formula & the pattern in things falling apart, & she’s actually quite willing now for them to happen..

This is so great because it’s healing her issues w/ control, especially controlling outside forces in her life due to fear, which has been one of the biggest things that she needed to confront.

As she sees things changes so abruptly, including philosophies & things she thought she knew without a shadow of a doubt, she realises that there is room for growth & newness, because nothing is exactly set in stone, but this does not make it ANY less valid.

A vital opportunity is presented for her w/ this energy to…

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August tarotscopes

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Water signs (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio): two of pentacles can represent a time of scheduling, organizing and making plans. Water signs are going to be on the run, prioritizing their lives. Deadlines have to be met, bills need to be paid, house needs to be cleaned, etc. An individual or circumstance in their lives may need more attention. In order for there to be balance, it’s important to play the role & handle your specific set of tasks. Two of pentacles can be playful and represent a jokester & flirtatious person eager to gain a spot in their lives

Earth signs (Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo): queen of swords can represent a social atmosphere for the earth signs. Social networking may be really important this month as opinions want to be heard. They could be connecting with like minded individuals and exchanging ideas and theories. Debates or arguments are happening & it’s important to think outside of the box. Those weird concepts that they possess could come in handy & prove to be positive. Information they studied or learned is going to be put to the test.

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Air signs (Aquarius, Gemini, Libra ): magician can represent a time of complete control and the air signs are stepping into their true power. Desires and wishes are being brought right in front of their faces & everything is happening exactly how it should. This may be a real eye opener as they realize just how magical they truly are. Miracles could be happening every where they look & air signs are triggering amazing reactions in people around them. Some of them could be getting the royal treatment from their environments and loved ones. After a time of neglect, recognition and love is pouring in.

Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius): high priestess can represent a spiritual time as emotions and depth is heightened & someone may want to get closer to them. High priestess can be a person in their lives who is incredibly intuitive and aware of even the subtle of changes in the atmosphere. Fire signs may need to pay extra attention to their surroundings to pick up the information they need. Some may not need to do anything but be present & answers will naturally be exposed. In depth conversations are bound to happen that strengthen bonds and connections. People want to know and understand more.